Number of Franchises: 14
Number of Roster Spots: 15
Number of Injured Reserve Spots: 0
Number of Taxi Squad Spots: 0
Head-To-Head Matchups: Yes
Each Player can be on: 1 rosters per League
At the start of the season, rosters are determined by: On-line, live draft that happens all at once, taking a matter of hours to complete.

Standings Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #2: Total Points Scored

General Scoring

Calculate Fantasy Results From: Week 1 through Week 16
Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring: 0
Ties Are: Counted as ties

Starting Lineup
Total Starters: 9
Number of Starting QB's: 1
Number of Starting RB's: 2
Number of Starting WR's: 2

Number of Starting WR/TE: 1
Number of Starting TE's: 1
Number of Starting PK's: 1
Number of Starting Def's: 1
Hide starting lineups from all owners until: Never hide starters.
Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters? No

Other League Settings
Display NFL Player Injury Status? Yes
Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report? Yes
Display Rosters Report? Yes
Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page? Yes
Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule? Yes
Display NFL News Articles?
Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists? Yes
Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name? Yes
Time Zone: ET
Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report? Yes
Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)? Yes
Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)? No

Draft Pick Time Limit Turned: On and set to 0:03 hours

Weekly Lineup
Lineup Submission Deadline: Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game
Are Partial Lineups Allowed? YES

Additional League Rules Setup

2016 Payouts

Grand Prize: $600.00
Second Prize: $160.05

Commissioner Reimbursement Fee: $79.95

- Payment System 

This season we're storing our league fees with LeagueSafe. It has the convenience of paying online, and our funds will spend the season sitting safely in an FDIC-insured bank account. At the end of the season, our league gets 100% of our fees returned, and we'll distribute prizes to winners. 

Check out if you want to see exactly how entry fees will be collected. 

- Trade Policy 

No anonymous objecting to trades is permitted. All owners who object a trade must give a brief explanation as to why he or she objected a particular trade. If a trade is objected anonymously that objection will be discarded. The beginning of the “Objection Explanation Period” will be announced by the commissioner following the successful vetoing of a trade. 

If a trade is objected four times and brief explanations are given for all four objections during the “Objection Explanation Period”. When the trade comes to the commissioner for a final decision the trade will be killed. If there is a lack of explanations on the four objections during the “Objection Explanation Period” I will approve the trade. The explanations need not be long or detailed. Simple and to the point will work best.

Draft & Waiver Wire Order

Our draft order will be randomized by MyFantasyLeague.

Our waiver wire order each season will begin as the opposite of the original first round draft order. Our waiver wire claim order does not reset weekly or at all for that matter. Our waiver wire claim order is not altered in anyway by weekly results or standings. The waiver wire order is only altered when an owner receives a claim. Each time a claim is received by an owner that owner is moved to the bottom of the waiver wire order. An owner can only be moved up in the order when a claim for another team is successful. 

Playoff Format 

Six teams will advance into the playoffs. The two teams who place overall seed one and two will receive a bye week. The third seed will compete against the sixth seed and the fourth seed will compete against the fifth seed. In the second round the first seed will compete against the lowest ranking seed to advance. The second seed will compete against the other seed. The final two teams remaining will compete for the league championship and the grand prize. 

Teams that do not qualify for the playoffs will be unable to add or drop players during the three week playoff period. Once a team is eliminated from the playoffs, that team will be unable to add or drop players as well.

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